Our 3 and a half girls

My name is Linda and I have retired in Florida with my husband Joe.  My daughter often stays with us along with her Yorkie, Allie (there is the half).  I have been showing and/or breeding dogs the majority of my life.  It wasn't always Yorkies, for a while it was boxers, then Poodles and after that Miniature Pinschers. But I always come back to the Yorkie. I have three females that rule my house and my daughter's, who thinks she should rule the house.  As for my studs, they stay with my closest friend.  Only need those guys around a couple times a year...if you know what I mean.  Anyways I just wanted you to have a little background so when you are following along on the blog and updates, you can feel like you are part of our Yorkie family as well.  As you can see, these are happy girls who love their home.  We do not participate, endorse, support or have anything to do with puppy mills, so please DO NOT try to purchase a puppy from me if you have anything to do with puppy mills.  I am very selective when it comes to puppy parents.  I just ask for a loving, caring home where they will get lots of attention and affection.  Well, now that you know a little about us, keep coming back to see who has been added to our family.



Port Charlotte, Charlotte County Florida, 33954